Social Distancing

The quarantine that’s currently taking place is making me go absolutely stir crazy. Being cooped up, and not being able to do anything in a social capacity can really take its toll. SO! I’ve been trying to go on walks and find some cool areas to photograph. St. Anthony Main, and the stone Arch Bridge […]

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Downfall : Beauty

It’s been a strange month. Coming right out of winter and hoping to go do all the things you love to do, only to be taken over by a virus and be locked down on quarantine as the economy and world crumbles. It’s times like these we need to seek an outlet for our worry, […]

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Silent Solitude

Things tend to be a lot more peaceful and quiet during winter. Paths and parks are usually flooded with people in the warmer seasons, so it lends some peace of mind to be alone and immersed in nature. Although it can be mighty cold, if you’re dressed for the occasion, you can enjoy yourself a […]

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Minnehaha is a great spot to check out during any season. Something as simple as a waterfall can be quite captivating and spellbinding. It’s a good and simple reminder of how beautiful nature can be and the mysticism it lends us.

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There’s a lot of hidden gems scattered through Minneapolis. This appeared to be some abandoned maintenance shaft at an abandoned electrical facility.

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